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How set up a sweepstakes in Italy

How to set up in Italy gamification activities trough Sweeptakes, Raffle, Giveaway or Prize Contests according to italian law

The sweeptakes are used to promote brands or products, in order to obtain immediate commercial advantages and at the same time be able to build a database of potential customers to be stimulated with ad hoc initiatives.

The success of a sweeptakes is mainly due to the fact that it is not an invasive communication to a target forced to remain passive in the face of the advertising bombardment, but a promotional tool that involves the public, creating a positive expectation (the winning of a prize).

E-Business Consulting is active in the organization and management, turnkey, of sweeptakes and prize operations online and offline since 2007. Many leading companies have relied on E-Business Consulting for the organization in Italy of sweeptakes including: Coca Cola, Wind, Enel and Intesa San Paolo group.

Sweeptakes are also a marketing lever to create reputation on and off line, involving and loyalizing the target audience and allowing to acquire potential customers thanks to the incentive of one or more prizes to be won.

The advantages of sweeptakes can be many:

  • Creating a user database quickly;
  • Promotion of related services (newsletter, registration on the site ...);
  • Promotion of the brand or a specific product;
  • Interaction with users to determine an action (sale, profiling, registration ...);
  • Support in launch of a new service / product;
  • Incentive to purchase;
  • Virality Factor;
  • Content Generation;
  • Evaluating the return on investment effectively.

The prizes can be of a different nature and can also stimulate different needs and / or wishes of the users. Psychologically it is shown that fewer prizes (less chance of winning) and more valuable, rather than many prizes (higher odds of winning) but of lower value, are more attractive.

E-Business Consulting is able to manage all the aspects related to the organization of an online and / or offline sweeptakes, through instant win and / or with final draw, dealing with the rewarding mechanism, the bureaucratic and administrative aspects and the project of communication.

We are able to organize in Italy sweeptakes exclusively or through cosponsoring formulas based on the target of interest and the available budget.

In the context of a sweeptakes E-Business Consulting in particular deals with:

  • The conception and definition of the best modalities for the competition based on the needs of each individual client online and offline;
  • Support in defining specifications relating to the nature and value of individual prizes and total prize money;
  • The definition of the sweeptakes and the modalities of publicity to give the correct support to the manifestation;
  • The constant monitoring of the performances obtained;
  • The management of bureaucratic and ministerial procedures through the drafting of the regulation and the submission to the Ministry of Productive Activities and Economic Development of the documentation necessary for the communication of the launch of the sweeptakes;
  • The procedure relating to the final draw and the awarding of prizes;
  • The management of the necessary procedures for the closure of the initiative.

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How set up a sweepstakes in Italy

How to set up in Italy gamification activities trough Sweeptakes, raffle, giveaway or prize contests according to italian law 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting