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What is omnichannel?

From multi-channel to omnichannel marketing strategy to focus on the customer and provide an integrated experience on all touch points.

Omnichannel means the ability to follow customer behavior, to manage in real time the communication on different points of contact (online and offline) and to adopt marketing and CRM strategies based on data (data-driven) as a guiding element .

Today's consumer no longer distinguishes between online and offline and interacts with the company through different touchpoints, expecting to live the same brand experience in real time every time. All companies must try to adapt to this uniformity of the buying and contact experience. There are now 31.7 million, equal to 60% of the population over the age of 14, Italians who use the Internet in one or more stages of the purchasing process and therefore expect to experience brand experiences integrated on the various touchpoints (shops, website, eCommerce, social networks, contact center, advertising)

The adoption of a strategy based on the Customer Experience is not a trivial project and requires a profound transformation in the way of doing business, in the organization and culture of a company.
It is therefore essential to "put yourself in the shoes" of your client, take the time to experiment and understand firsthand what it feels like to be a customer: check the online registration process, make purchases in a store, test the capacity of customer management, call the call center to solve a problem, try to contact the company on social networks, search website for an answer to a question or check if there are any key information, speak and interview their customers, collect their feedback, and so on. 

Naturally the result of this activity and the evaluation of the results obtained will lead to accepting important changes. If we add to this the personalization of communication as an objective, it is clear that we are dealing with a new approach to the client, which is profoundly different from the current one and which requires a radical change. 

If in the 90s the theme of "Customer Satisfaction" was imposed as an element that measures how much the products and services are able to meet customer expectations, today many studies have highlighted the correlation between the perceived quality of the offer, the satisfaction of the customer and the intention of repurchase: in other words, the more satisfied the customers with a level service, the greater their degree of loyalty.

We must not forget that another fundamental element to consider in order to activate an omni-channel integrated strategy is the analysis of the information currently available in the customer database to understand a possible need for a database enrichment and then to conduct business intelligence activities or datamining

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OmnichannelFrom multi-channel to omnichannel marketing strategy to focus on the customer and provide an integrated experience on all touch points 5/08/2019E-Business Consulting