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What is Google Advertising?

Advertising on Google is a fundamental tool in a strategy of visibility on Internet to find new customers in Italy and abroad

Advertising on Google is increasingly at the center of investment strategies by companies in Italy and abroad in all sectors, with B2B or B2B targets. The choice of advertising tools offered by Google, the set up and management of a promotional campaign must not be improvised, but must be included in a well-defined Internet strategy to avoid the waste of financial resources. E-Business Consulting is a historical digital marketing agency, active since 2003, Google Certified Partner for the management of advertising campaigns on Google. The certifications take place annually and incorporate all the continuous technological evolutions of the advertising tools on Google.

By optimizing the advertising tools offered by Google, they move on different potential levels of user interest:

  • Awareness: "I want to know ..." Display Network and Youtube;
  • Consideration: "I want to choose ..." Search Network, Display Network and Youtube;
  • Purchase: "I want to buy ..." Search Network, Display Network, Youtube and Gmail;
  • Loyalty: "I want to keep in touch ..." Search Network, Display Network and Gmail.

On the other hand, the aspect linked to the ad hoc optimization of web pages in relation to the algorithm of Google that are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities through techniques related to meta tags, source code, contents of a web page and to popularity, to achieve a natural positioning in search results. All the SEO projects that are the same among the activities offered by E-Business Consulting, in order to offer visible, legitimate and concrete results, need a medium-term development time.

To achieve an immediate and certain visibility in Italy and abroad, instead of an objective target, one or more of the paid advertising tools offered by Google must be used. If you are already active with a Google Adwords campaign but are interested in checking if the current set up and management is carried out optimally, you can also try the Google Audit service offered by E-Business Consulting.

In general, ad hoc campaigns can be created, for example, according to the target audience, to the places of interest, according to the opening hours or according to the navigation tool used by users (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

The key is the performance optimization of the advertising campaign in order to achieve the highest possible profitability (ROI) at the lowest cost. Only a company certified by Google is able to offer the best solutions according to the available budget, ensuring the achievement of online visibility objectives in Italy and abroad.

If iyou are interested in comparing yourself with our certified Google professionals, request a free estimate and discover the quality services offered by E-Business Consulting, a leading company in Internet advertising.

What is Google Advertising?Advertising on Google is a fundamental tool in a strategy of visibility on Internet to find new customers in Italy and abroad11/11/2019E-Business Consulting