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Database Enrichment in Italy

Enriching, organizing and managing the customer database is one of the fundamental strategic processes for a true customer orientation.

Enriching the customer database through advanced analytical systems, organizing personal data and improving the management of the customer database with the digitization of the relationship, are the fundamental pillars for an optimal CRM strategy with an orientation to omnichannel strategy.

We live in an era where customers, both acquired and potential, are no longer able to distinguish the online and offline world and use multiple ways of contact, with brands and products, that they are looking for, evaluating or buying.

At the same time, a recent survey states that over 41% of people say they feel crushed and overwhelmed by the excessive amount of information and the many choices available in the digital world. How many e-mails, for example, each of us receives, most of the time, completely unfit for our personal interests or work needs? From the email that offers us the new model of car of the brand that .......we will never buy again, until you get the offer of a stroller for our children who .... now they go to university!!!

It therefore becomes essential for companies to find the best way to engage in a continuous process of profiling and redeveloping the customer database, defining the update of the dynamics of preferences and interests to understand which customers pay more attention and those instead on which to invest less or to ignore.

To activate this process of enrichment or updating of the customer database can be activated several actions also in synergy with each other in order to find the best way to engage the right customer, at the right time, in the right place.

The starting point is to optimize all internal information already held in the company. Often, we find the presence of different databases related to different products or different activities not integrated with each other with a view of the data then vertical rather than horizontal, divided in watertight compartments.

The second aspect, in relation to available internal data, is to define the strategic objectives and personal data necessary to create a tailor-made offer on high-potential customers. Basically, it is a matter of valuing the available information and the information I would need in the face of strategic objectives

The third aspect, perhaps the most critical, concerns the need to graft a process from a part of continuous updating of customer data and preferences and the other to integrate or enrich the customer database on the basis of the customer journey and implement business intelligence and / or data mining activities.

E-Business Consulting is active in processes of enrichment and updating customer database in Italy, through synchronization with external databases or with the creation of “ad hoc” activities, including gamification in which users can be involved in their daily activities through gaming.

Let’s call E-Business Consulting and according to your business model and your marketing objectives we will implement the project best suited to you in full compliance with the privacy legislation (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation).

Database Enrichment in Italy

Enriching, organizing and managing the customer database is one of the fundamental strategic processes for a true customer orientation 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting