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Video ADV

Video advertising is an opportunity to invest in the brand, with a high rate of return, thanks also to the smartphones development

Since a long of time, videos play an important role in the everyday life of people that browse and video advertising performance is constantly increasing thanks to tailor-made solutions able to meet the target requirements.

The Mobile revolution with the spread of smartphones and tablets has crashed the potential of Video Advertising tools allowing the success of some viral activities thanks to the support of social medias too.

How is possible to forget the phenomenon that has paralyzed social media during the summer of 2014?

The Ice Bucket Challenge, the famous iced shower, had an exponential impact: in Italy 2.4 million of euro had been reached thanks to 51.461 donors while in the USA 1.2 million of videos had been shared on Facebook and 2.2 million of times on Twitter.

The first step is to realize a video which is suitable for the web with engaged capacity and able to attract immediately the user to induce him to complete the view. According to many statistics, the drop-out rate is verified before the 15 minutes of transmission.

For this reason, it couldn’t be easy for an enterprise to produce a reasonable video for the web. For example a video contest realized by E-Business Consulting can be a solution to contact the best video developers’ communities to provide good results of Video Advertising.

Once the realization of the video is ready, the upload of the video on your website rather than on social media doesn’t necessarily guarantee the immediate vision from thousands of potential users. It’s necessary to forecast advertising investments  in line with the video contents, considering the prefixed target with the aim to push the view and the message.

There are several advertising solutions or video promotions on the web that can be adopted and exploited by advertisers :

  • Video Spot on the major national and international portals with a general, editorial or information content;
  • The use of Social platforms, such as Facebook;
  • Youtube;
  • Others

In relation to the advertising typology chosen by the advertisers enterprise, the costs will be defined in terms of impressions or the viewing of the video.

So, have you scheduled to realize a video or to launch an advertising campaign but you don’t know how to start? E-Business Consulting, leader in the Web Advertising, has the right solution for you. Request a free quote.

Video Advertising, Video ADV, Video youtube, Video facebookSince a long of time, videos play an important role in the everyday life of people that browse and video advertising performance11/11/2019E-Business Consulting