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Coregistration and Cosponsoring

Coregistration or cosponsoring is a way of sharing a database for Email Marketing or Telemarketing activities in law cost

The activities of Coregistration and Cosponsoring (or Active Coregistration) are internet Marketing techniques used to generate and share a customers database among different sponsoring companies and to reduce acquisition costs.

Such a database can be used for direct marketing and/or telemarketing campaigns, which are essential to all companies who desire to increase their sales.

The web offers several strategies for companies willing to widen their pool of potential customers and implement promotional actions aimed at increasing their commercial opportunities.

The activites of Coregistration and Cosponsoring are a valuable solution for all the companies which either do not have a database of potential customers or that already have one, but need to increase it rapidly to address commercial campaigns with costs up to 10 times lower than direct initiatives on proprietary resources.

The main difference between Coregistration and Cosponsoring is the possibility to segment users according to their personal interests.

So, Cosponsoring (or Active Coregistration) activities usually can present to the users 1-3 questions during their registration process, recording their interest in receiving offers on specific products or services.

Coregistration and Cosponsoring can be implemented in several different ways, but in all cases they must offer something back to the users, in order to invite them to register and to provide their personal information.

The most common activities are currently being deployed on the web through:

  • newsletter subscription, offering to users special discounts and ad-hoc, exclusive promotions;
  • entering online sweepstakes that foresee a prize for the winner;
  • viral activities on social media.

Such a classification is not strict and sharp: most of the times, what is deployed is in fact a combination of the above activities.

The personal data collected by such activities usually include:

  • Gender,
  • Name and Surname,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Location,
  • Email Address,
  • Mobile Number.

The database resulting from Coregistration/Cosponsoring can then be used by every sponsoring company to run ad campaigns by Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing or Telemarketing, aiding them to reach their commercial goals and to improve their performance.

E-Business Consulting has been developing and deploying Active and Passive Coregistration for years, offering full turnkey projects according to the needs and to the reference target of our clients, in accordance with the privacy laws (GDPR). Rely on E-Business Consulting expertise and know-how to activate your Coregistration and increase your customers database!

CoRegistration, CoSponsoring, ItalyThe activities of Coregistration and Cosponsoring (or Active Coregistration) are internet Marketing techniques used to generate a customers database31/12/2019E-Business Consulting