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Marketing Research

Market research is a marketing tool to measure a company, to evaluate products and customer expectations

Marketing Research represents the main marketing tool for verifying the positioning of a business, the quality of products/services, the expectations of both established and potential clients and determining the development of both long term and short term commercial strategies.

By means of market researches it is possible to achieve the objective of determining the amplitude of the market of your products/services, understand the market trend and future scenarios and evaluate the introduction of a new product, while anticipating the needs of clients in order to create a competitive advantage.

The market researches, according to business objectives, can be classified in various operational typologies. Some examples that E-Business Consulting applies for its clients are:

  • Demand analysis
  • Requirement analysis
  • Brand analysis
  • Competitive positioning analysis
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product tests

The contact methods used during market research are manifold and multidirectional, in order to obtain a significant sample and according to objective enquiry. The development costs depend on the duration of the analysis, according to achievement and elaboration of a sample of results that “represent the universe”.

The new competition on the markets has resulted in the acknowledgment by the firms that change is an ordinary condition with which it is necessary to cohabit everyday. Today’s imperatives are

  • Don’t die of your own certainties
  • Strengthen the capacities to listen to and observe the external environment
  • Learn and become partner
  • Adapt with creative spirit
  • Favour the permanent learning

Therefore it is fundamental to do a realistic review of the strengths and weaknesses of products or services offered and confront with what is offered by the competitors in order to create and maintain a competitive advantage.

According to the target (male, female, age, profession, etc.), the objectives of enquiry and the budget of spending, there are various methods of markets research through which E-Business Consulting can help you to optimize your business.

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