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Why Email Marketing in Italy?

Email Marketing is still the most used tool by companies to engage exiting clients or to acquire potential customers.

Since 2003 E-Business Consulting, is able to support in Italy all foreign companies interested in doing business in the Italian market, looking for profiled database to deliver commercial offers. We manage B2C consumer database for the Italian market with over 5 million of users and B2B database with over 1.5 million of Italian companies.

For all activities, online and offline, where you need to send real-time promotions, we are also able to manage Email Marketing campaigns in synergy with SMS Marketing activities, always on database managed by E-Business Consulting, with low investments.

The target profile available for Email Marketing activities in Italy are different and it depend on your business development strategies in Italy.

The target profile available are:

  • Individuals or Companies
  • Gender
  • Age
  • City
  • Job profile
  • Areas of interest
  • Companies sector
  • Other

The Email Marketing service provided by E-Business Consulting in Italy can be done in two different ways:

  1. Standard: simple sending of your promotional email on E-BC database;
  2. Plus: Advertising Email sending on E-BC database + ad hoc implementation of Landing Page and Email (translated into Italian) to reach your commercial performance.

Depending on the brand, the type of target required and the geographical location, different service cost models can be applied: CPM, CPC or CPA.

E-Business Consulting is able to manage and organize your Email Marketing activities in Italy in respect of privacy law (GDPR), without any use of spam techniques, in order to generate contacts for your business.

Request a free quote for your Email Marketing campaign in Italy with a local support of E-Business Consulting, the leading company in Internet advertising.

Why Email Marketing in Italy?Email Marketing is still the most used tool by companies to engage exiting clients or to acquire potential customers11/11/2019E-Business Consulting