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Lead Generation in Italy

How to set up a Lead Generation campaign in Italy with local support of certified Marketing Agency to reach best result

Thanks to the several potential technologies offered by the Internet, it is possible to reach and increasing number of potential contacts in order to interact with them to showcase them offers and promotions of products and services.

Lead Generation is a marketing technique used to generate and collect data and contacts of users who are interested in our products and services for the creation of a database of qualified prospects.

The generation of a database of super-profiled data is today, more than ever, a central point of the strategy of every enterprise, also in terms of CRM in order to gain a strategic and commercial advantage of medium and long term.

Although this strategy is possible also offline, the advent of the Internet and the other digital communication options have led to the explosion of possible solutions of Lead Generation for the collection of qualified data of potential customers.

The database created by an activity of Lead Generation can be used for a lot of purposes such as Direct or Telemarketing actions, to build one-to-one relationships with the user and to communicate offers and specific promotions.

If you want generate new contacts or create a Database with users who are interested in your Business you can also develop two more Lead Generation incentive activities: Sweepstakes and Coregistration Activities.

The starting point is the generation of an effective web communication project with commercial incentives and the realization of a website and a landing page created ad hoc containing the description of the product or service offered with a compilation form, in the total compliance with the local regulations in terms of privacy.

The second point of the project is the set-up of the right mix of the communication tools offered by the Internet (Email, Google, Social, RTB, etc.) with respect to the target goal and the product/service offered and in function of the cost per lead (CPL or CPA) that we want achieve.

The last point of the project, the most important, is the continuous monitoring of the performance of each Internet advertising tool, in order to engage a continuous improvement of the process of acquisition of the leads and to focus the invested resources in the best tools.

E-Business Consulting is a company specialized in Lead Generation and Database Building activities related to the business goals. Starting from the definition of the target audience, E-Business Consulting is able to implement the winning formula of sales promotion, providing support at every stage of the Lead Generation project.

Lead Generation in Italy

How to set up a Lead Generation campaign in Italy with local support of certified Marketing Agency to reach best result for your business 19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting