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Sweepstakes in Italy

  • Why the organization of sweepstakes and prize contests in Italy is an important marketing lever to develop new commercial opportunities.

Sweepstakes in Italy

Engaging users throught sweepstakes it's a non-invasive formula able to gratifying potential or acquired clients, throught the possibility to win a prize.

There are very different ways to partecipate to a contest: from the photographical contest to the prize for a minimum purchase of xxx euros, till creating a challenge among all the parteciants with different prize depending on the different objectives decided from the regulation.

It's possible to organize different type of prize contest, like instant-win, online or offline final draw with the final purpose to bulid a database of outlined users to create marketing operations in a second time.

The average italian guy is also not so inclined or he isn't so careful to the little prize but he has inside hiself the searching of the big dream, so it's statistically proved that he desires more one perceived big value prize, instead of many low value prizes.

Morever, exclusive sweepstakes can be created, promoted from the single brand or in co-branding with other company along the chain of the value with the same target but not in competition between them. Another contests widespread abroad but even in Italy are the contests defined in co-registration: this kind of contests are totally managed from an only promoter and many different companies interested to a particular target can be sponsor and share the database of the partecipants. An example of this opportunity is our partner The functioning of the co-registration release the sponsor company from all the burocratic and administrative duties at the expence to the promoter.

The necessary legal practices to start and closure of all the kind of prize contests are the most exhausting part of the organization of the sweepstakes in Italy, overall for the risk to fall in to heavy pecuniary penalities. E-Business Consulting is able to provides a turnkey project, creating a quote based to the results to reach.

In the end, another kind of engage grown in the last period, is the raffle. Some famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Supreme and others have promoted this kind of lottery, where the users subscribe theirself to have the possibility to be draw at the end of an online event. In this case, law duties are limited. 

Are you interested to organize a contest using the sweepstakes experience of E-Business Consulting? Call us now for a free quote and we will develop an ad hoc turnkey project for your business in Italy.