Lead Generation: why it matters

  • Lead Generation is a set of marketing strategies to generate new customers interested in services and products. Because it's important?

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Lead Generation includes a whole series of activities that aim to generate a list of users interested in a product or service, both B2C and B2B, creating business development opportunities in Italy and abroad.

The digital revolution has repeatedly changed the paradigms within which to move to create useful contacts for companies. Before digital, lead generation mostly took place at trade fairs and industry events thanks to various commercial consultants, also taking advantage of word of mouth. The arrival of the web has made it essential to have an online site and this was initially possible for large companies. Today, however, even the smallest and most local entrepreneur can afford to use the web and its channels to generate useful contacts.

Finding new customers, enriching your database with interested users, establishing profitable relationships with them up to the sale of your products or services is essential for brands and companies.

But it is also very important to remember that the world of lead generation has not changed only for those who do it, but also for those who receive it. The touch points that users reach during their customer journey have increased and therefore the opportunities to engage them have multiplied.

It is essential to decide upstream how to structure the activity in order to facilitate the passage of the contacts generated to that of loyal customers by defining the target they are interested in reaching, understanding the wishes and expectations of the latter by listening to them actively and building the communication in a personalized way.

What activities and channels therefore to consider and use? The web offers several options. You can collect leads by asking users to subscribe to their eCommerce, often offering discounts and thus inviting them to keep track of their purchases, or you can invite users of a website to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on news and promotions, then activating on the email marketing front. You can work through social media and use the internal possibilities of the platforms that allow you to collect contacts, or create ad hoc campaigns also on Google, going to intercept users also through search engines. Or you can run prize competitions, involving potential customers thanks to the playful element.

So why is creating your own pattern to carry out lead generation activities a winning move for the company?

  • Because the number of contacts who wish to be contacted by the company is increasing
  • Because you save time precisely by not hitting contacts who do not want to interact with a business, also avoiding wasting resources
  • Because over time, a relationship of trust is created with users by meeting their interests and needs
  • Because it is a useful system to increase the turnover of your business

Lead generation is therefore a set of winning activities and strategies that cannot be missing in companies, creating fruitful business opportunities over time.

To ensure that these opportunities can be maintained, it must not be abandoned to itself, stopping the whole process at harvesting. In fact, the quality of the leads collected is monitored, taking care of the relationship with the individual contact and therefore understanding even more in detail what he needs.

The construction of this continuous communication allows both to further segment the leads collected to categorize them and offer them more personalized future content but above all it helps to then transform the lead into contacts who are really interested in buying and improve the conversion rate and have an excellent return on investment allocated upstream for the activity.

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