The Perfect Customer Managment

  • Optimal customer management is a fundamental aspect to trigger a continuous process of improving the customer experience.

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Marketing strategies are based on the knowledge of buyers' desires, but being able to offer personalized communications and being able to analyze data from different sources today are primary necessities to optimize the company business in the Digital Transformation era.

The amounts of data collected by traditional stores, e-commerce systems, social networks and other sources remain segregated in vertical applications under the control of the company without being able to contribute to the decision-making processes of business and marketing. From this limitation, the need arises to integrate tools and figures capable of managing and exploiting these quantities of information.

Recent research by the Big Data Analytics Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano has stated that the most important evolutionary trend with customers concerns the personalization of communications: the consumer expects the continuity of communication between the different contact channels (physical store, navigation of the website, app on smartphone) as well as in the way, at the time and in the place chosen by him.

This becomes possible only with computer tools that operate in real-time, to know for example if the customer is inclined to a new purchase or abandonment for a competitor's product.

The evolution of customer relationships, therefore, meets new automation logics deriving from intelligent technologies that can be used to analyze images, videos and other unstructured data, make sentiment analysis, customize discount operations, provide purchase suggestions rather that assistance via chatbot.

The behaviors of the big Italian companies regarding the Digital Experience Platform are not homogeneo.

As revealed by the research of the Big Data Analytics Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, 60% of companies have exchange relationships with the outside and prove able to integrate data from different sources and formats. 4 companies out of 10, on the other hand, only use internal data. 76% of these data are still represented by transnational data, a sign of inefficiency in creating new business using new sources such as data providers. 44% of large companies have adopted projects for real-time data analysis, using new AI and ML technologies, which thanks to algorithms suggest proposals based on people and at the moment.

As said at the beginning it is important to merge the data management with the client's knowledge.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) and / or Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a virtual meeting point for heterogeneous information, a privileged crossroads where tastes, behaviors and relationships with the company are collected. Data that tells a customer, preserves its history and helps to understand it throughout its customer journey.

CDP also uses the most advanced technologies using deterministic algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Creating a CDP is also a project of an organizational and cultural nature: it has impacts on marketing and sales that requires the union of professional figures with knowledge of organization, marketing and IT platforms.

An aspect not to be underestimated in these two innovation processes is the processing of data in a safe manner, compliant with the regulations of the GDPR.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting