Internet advertising during the virus

  • In this particular period caused by the Coronavirus, a strong gap was created between online audience and demand

Internet advertising during the virus

The effects of the current emergency situation are also evident in the world of online advertising where, if on the one hand the numbers of the online media audience are growing, on the other the demand for communication campaigns is greatly decreasing.

This leads to a drop in average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and therefore the possibility of reaching a large audience more easily at a reduced price.

Users, following the decrees issued, are required to stay at home and consequently spend more time online.

There are two main trends:

  • The need and the search for information about the current situation, such as the trend of infections in our country, the forms necessary for travel and the latest ministerial decrees;
  • The use of many online activities such as streaming services, social networks, sharing and entertainment platforms but also sites, videos and apps.

These trends are also confirmed by the report published by Audiweb relating to online audience data, in which it emerges that the brands of the News & Information category recorded an increase of +5.5% in the week of March 16-22 compared to the previous week and in general a +111.4% compared to the pre-emergency period. This growth also concerns the brands of the Home & Fashion category which recorded a +24.4% from the previous week and a +114% compared to the period of "normal", demonstrating how the interest of users also regards the sphere of entertainment. and free time.

All this leads to a significant increase in traffic, both in terms of unique users and of pages visited, which does not necessarily translate into greater revenue.

This is certainly due to the suspension or cancellation of communication activities by many brands and the low monetization of the traffic generated by content related to Coronavirus.

This drop in demand, which is reflected in the contraction in investments and in the significant drop in online campaign planning, initially concerned those sectors directly affected by the crisis such as tourism, cinema and transport, but subsequently also extended to secondary sectors such as luxury and automotive industry.

Many brands have therefore decided to change their strategy by putting the traditional performance-based activity in the background in order to focus on information and value communication, trying to take on a tone of voice appropriate to the situation, for example Poste Italiane, Mediolanum and Bmw.

Comunicate in a different and less commercial way, focusing on values and showing empathy and sensitivity can in fact be useful for maintaining a solid relationship with consumers and can produce benefits in the medium to long term.

In this period of crisis for some sectors such as pharmaceutical, banking and consumer goods, a great communication opportunity is created (branding campaigns) and it is the right moment to invest in advertising.

The channels that can be exploited in this period are certainly those of eCommerce while for advertising solutions, Programmatic Advertising, innovative podcasts and the flanking of editorial projects with typical display activities can be valid alternatives.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting