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Why Programmatic Adv in Italy?

Programmatic Advertising is an innovative tool for online marketing which allows to reach the right target at the lowest cost.

First of all, Programmatic Advertising means a digital process based on data acquisition provided with by cookies and pixels, monitoring systems which allow to identify users/customers recording the kind of action they take. Second, according to the information collected, advertising spaces are purchased automatically through specially-made technological platforms.

Programmatic Adv caused a real revolution, which lies in the possibility to read and interpret data in order to define the best marketing strategy and online visibility with the “typical customer”.

In 2019 Investments in Programmatic Advertising amount to € 550 m in Italy with a growth of 15% compared to the previous year and with a weight on the display market of 28%. This shows the great importance that Programmatic Adv has been gaining in the digital market in view of maximizing investments.

Nowadays investments in Programmatic Advertising translate into an important competitive advantage. At a time when the market is changing, taking advantage of new technological opportunities is essential, so that we can develop a careful reading of data in our favour.

In order to use properly the advantages that Programmatic Adv offers, it is fundamental to understand that it differs completely from  Real Time Bidding, since the purchase methods are different. In Programmatic Adv the match between supply and demand of advertising spaces takes place automatically according to the target; in the latter case the purchase of the advertising space occurs through a real-time auction which doesn’t involve the use of data.

There are different kinds of acquisition campaigns through programmatic platforms, though the most commons are the following:

Contextual Keyword: the advertising message will be addressed in web pages containing relevant keywords for the campaign; after editing and uploading a keyword list in the platform, ads will be visible only in web sites whose content is relevant to the list itself;

Category Targeting:  programmatic platforms provide with a careful classification of web sites, making easier the chance to address one’s communication strategy towards clusters of websites united by content/subject matter;

Similar Audience: it gives the possibility to extend the campaign to similar audiences united by features, behaviours and interest to those of the advertiser’s website; this kind of targeting is normally used to extend remarketing lists;

Affinity Audience: this advertising campaign is based on third-party data. Indeed, in Programmatic Adv it is possible to purchase list of audience according to different criteria: social demographic, interests, expressed purchase intentions of specific products/services.

Organizing and manage a Programmatic Advertising campaign is not an ordinary task; it is necessary to rely on web marketing professionals such as E-Business Consulting, a Programmatic Advertising certified agency.

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Why Programmatic Adv in Italy?

Programmatic Advertising is an innovative tool for online marketing which allows to reach the right target at the lowest cost. 02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting