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CRM Consulting in Italy

Are you looking for a local marketing agency in Italy to support your company in CRM solution implementation?

CRM is a business philosophy that puts the customer at the center of attention to understand their needs and anticipate their needs through the use of enabling technologies. Technology is the key tool to facilitate the development of knowledge with the goal of retaining the relationship by creating long-term value.

CRM is not just about “technology” or a group of systems software, and is not merely a set of business processes and techniques designed to facilitate enterprise-customer relationship. In a profound sense, the

CRM is something more, is the set of strategies, processes, culture and technology, which allows to complex corporate organizations to improve efficiency and increase the value and return on investment, through a better understanding of customer needs.

The current market scenario, present in all areas, indicates the need for an acceleration to the ongoing changes and in particular for the continuous changing needs of the customer.

From retail to financial services, from the public sector to the private sector, from small businesses to large organizations: how to interact with consumers are changing skin. They're doing pushed especially by the advent of digital technologies and the sideline changing consumption patterns. The customer is now hyper connected and the undisputed protagonist of the markets, the heart of a revolution that is forcing the point of contact between company and customer to extend beyond the physical channel.

In Europe today, 36% of consumers check the smartphone before make a purchase in the store, while the 30% check product availability at retail before moving. Provide an improved experience to use in-store to these potential consumers means transforming a potential buyer into a customer.

Digital innovation has given enormous power to the end customer, has multiplied the touch point, feedback opportunities and risks of epic fault, making CRM strategies a central element of all processes of digital transformation.

If until recently CRM strategies adopted were multichannel-oriented, today there is no more distinction between physical space and online space. There are now 31.7 million of Italians, accounting of 60% for population over 14 years, using the Internet at one or more stages of the purchasing process and expect to live integrated brand experiences on various points of contact (point of sale, website, eCommerce, social networks, contact centers, advertising).

It becomes therefore essential to think in terms of omnichannel to ensure a holistic, consistent customer experience across all channels and uninterrupted or redundancies in the passage from one to the other (omnichannel fact) and transform the logic models product centric business to customer centric.

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CRM Consulting in Italy

Are you looking for a local expert marketing agency in Italy to support your company in CRM solution implementation and valutation 19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting