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Touchpoint Management

  • Touchpoint is not only a technological project, but an integrated CRM project to achieve new clients

Touchpoint Management

Today the consumer is always more prepared, complex and thirsty of information, he/she uses more tool to contact the brand and its products in a multi touch point of view. He/she looks videos, reads different opinions in several communities, writes comments on social network, touches the products in the physical stores and finds possible offerts.  

Manage this complexity through all the not native digital companies is particular complicated. Absurdly it is easier for a digital native company open a channel in an offline world: there are so many examples in this direction and for example Amazon can represent a tool for a traditional company that would open in a digital world.

Manage and monitor with attention the different modalities of engage of clients, know as the same client does during the day, with different modalities is an articulated project: Customer Relationship Management, where the CRM... is not only a banal software, but the technology represents the tool for making easier the knowledge and the monitoring of the client’s behaviour.  

In general only the digital area of an agency today can potentially stay in contact with the own clients through the following 4 modalities, to sum up:

1.       Web presence: site, eCommerce and possible landig page ad hoc

2.       Mobile: App, push notify, proximity activity, WhatsApp e promotional SMS

3.       Digital Direct Marketing: newsletter, promotional email, transactional email and digital voucher

4.       Social activity: Social Network, modality of engage and monitoring opinion and sentiment

These modalities of engage, typically digital, should be integrated with offline communication strategies and in the single store. On the other hand if there are problems on product, or a service or a specific location, adapt corrective actions should be activated in based of client relations.  

Recently I met a client who was really happy about a new App and its functionality that permit to verify in real time the availability of a product directly on the physical store  based on the user’s geolocationing. For curiosity I read the comments about this app in the Appstore and Android Store in which all users wrote about the  some app functionalities don’t work correctly. Our suggestion is not to be scared, but listen and monitor eventually bug or errors.

In this context, systematic monitoring of the various initiatives and User Experience or UX enables you to engage in a continuous process of improving customer relationship, increasing the perception of brand and product quality and improving business performance.

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