• The contest “My dolomiti ti premia!”, entirely managed and organized by E-Business Consulting, ended at the beginning of May.

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The closure of the winter ski season marked the end of the competition “My dolomiti ti premia!” started November 17th, 2018 for the Dolomiti Superski consortium. 

The Dolomiti Superski is a ski area comprising most of the winter ski slopes of the Dolomites, for a total of 1,200 km of slopes divided into 12 ski areas. It was born in 1974 and it is located in Trento, Bolzano and Belluno.

The sweepstakes has been designed and organized in the form of a challenge among all skiers throughout the winter season, structured on the number of valleys crossed, days spended, plants used and km covered with skis.

Starting from these data, were identified 3 levels on which extract different prizes depending on the objectives achieved:

  1. CHALLENGER LEVEL: 12 valleys, 24 days, 120 different plants
  2. ADVANCED LEVEL: 6 valleys, 12 days, 80 different plants
  3. SUPERSKIER LEVEL: 3 valleys, 6 days, 40 different plants

The sweepstakes has had a remarkable success and large public participation, consisting of both Italian and foreign skiers, who like to spend their winter holidays in Italy. The skipasses reserved for professional categories (for example the Ski teacher), free ski passes and value cards could not participate in the sweepstakes, managed and organized by E-Business Consulting

From the analysis of the statistics of the database of participants relating to the ski season just ended, it emerged that:

  • 7 skiers have used the plants for more than 100 days.
    • The record is of a user with over 145 days on skis;
  • 8 skiers have used over 400 ski-lifts during the winter season

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