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  • Lead Generation is one of the most widespread marketing tools to get contacts from potential customers motivated to purchase.

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The development of the Internet and omnichannel tools has helped to change the purchasing process of consumers and make outbound marketing strategies less effective.

Accordingly, the acquisition of visibility and the acquisition of new customers by companies are becoming increasingly difficult, also due to an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving context such as the current one.

In Performance Marketing, Lead Generation is certainly one of the most effective engagement strategies that assist companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to find new real contacts that can then be converted into potential customers for their product or service.

But what is a Lead? It represents a potential customer who, being really interested in our product or service, has come into contact with us leaving us their data, for example by filling out an online form.

This marketing technique has as its main objective the generation of personal data for commercial and promotional initiatives towards the target audience and is characterized by low costs and high ROI, as well as allowing the creation of a solid Brand Awareness and a valuable Engagement with the client.

The tools currently available for an effective Lead Generation activity are many and among the principials we find:

- Email Marketing

- Social Media Marketing

- Google Adwords

- Coregistration

- Content Marketing

By focusing on the best performing channels, companies can therefore intercept interested users and convert them into potential customers, thus turning the simple contact into a lead and a real opportunity for their business.

E-Business Consulting, specialized in Lead Generation activities and database creation, is able to plan your Performance Marketing strategy. We provide our experience in the field, from Email Marketing, to Mobile Marketing to the organization of Sweepstakes created ad hoc according to your needs. What are you waiting for? Contact us.


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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting