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In October, the communication project was launched as a result of the collaboration between E-Business Consulting and Le Fablier Spa: "With Fablier, you win with your eyes and heart." The Fablier, a solid reality that has been in the furniture industry for more than thirty years, is able to furnish with innovation, aesthetics, creativity and emotion. Among the leaders of Made in Italy this reality is characterized by the perfect mix between the use of quality materials, social ethics and contemporary design.

The 360° project designed by E-Business Consulting for the client company is characterized by multichannel communication, or by the use of various media, both traditional and digital, to convey information and make it highly user-friendly.

This marketing activity has been structured in such a way as to summarize in a single project the needs of both Le Fablier Spa and authorized dealers. By defining the user's "Engagement Multichannel" mechanism, producing creatives both online and offline, creating and managing prize competition and advertising planning in Programmatic Adv and Google, these are all activities that make up the big and tailor-made project for Le Fablier by E-Business Consulting.

As E-BC CEO and Founder Stefano Masiero says: "This is a very important and innovative project that starts with the customer's goal of promoting their products and acquiring new customers. Therefore, an ad hoc strategy has been structured according to what Le Fablier's goals and needs are, in the view of omnicanalism. In order to reach new potential customers, we have suggested an innovative and engagement-friendly way, leveraging on the strengths of the client company. "

The goals of the communication project "With Fablier, you win with your eyes and heart" are therefore characterized by a dual nature: they meet both commercial and marketing needs. The campaign aims to strengthen the partnership between brands and authorized dealers to make the best use of custom-made promotion for them.

Mr Masiero also emphasizes the specifics of the whole project: "Throughout the route, the details of the initiative were taken care of, paying particular attention to both the graphic and content aspects, not to mention the data tracking section. "

The online communication project has been structured from the creation of the ad hoc Web Site as well as the creation of all the digital material on the web.

Not only is online strategy conceived by E-Business Consulting, but the web agency's work has also been the concept, totems to be placed at retail outlets, leaflets and postcards to be delivered to anyone who has decided to buy a promotional product to join the initiative.

E-Business Consulting aims to meet the goals set by strategic planning using state-of-the-art web marketing tools and meeting the needs of customers and users of the promotion.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting