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  • How to achieve return on investment from email marketing campaigns

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Are you wondering if email marketing still represents a source of income for your business? Well the answer is yes. From the last annual Adestra report, created in collaboration with Econsultancy, on the state of the art of email marketing, it emerged that it is the most appreciated channel for return on investment, with 74% of marketers who consider it “excellent ". But how can we get a satisfactory ROI from our email campaigns and calculate it in the best way?

Here are some observations and best practices to keep in mind:

1. The ROI of email is constantly increasing

To the detriment of all the channels that a marketer has available, the ROI deriving from email marketing campaigns continues to be the largest revenue channel for many companies. Not only that, revenues from e-mails continue to grow from year to year: it is estimated, in fact, that in the United States the number of e-mail users will reach 259 million in 2020. Furthermore, the accessibility to this technique Digital marketing, combined with the exponential growth of earnings, makes email the preferred tool even for small businesses that have limited media budgets.

 2. ROI increases sales conversions

 In addition to the ROI deriving from the email marketing channel, the latter can prove to be a valuable ally in increasing the number of sales and conversions both because it helps to reach leads and bring them to the purchasing phase and because it maintains direct contact and encourages them to taking a decision. It is equally important to understand how fast emails can move consumers through channeling. Here are some metrics to consider for a correct ROI calculation:

 • Engagement

 In order to accurately measure involvement it is essential to take into account opening rates,click-through rates, unsubscribe and conversions.

 • Lead Acceleration

For a correct reading of the performance of email marketing campaigns, examining the time spent from the first contact with the user to the purchase can help us better understand when the awareness and consideration phases take place.

3. ROI increases website traffic

Although there are several tactics that can improve website traffic, such as SEO and Social Media, email marketing can help generate a higher percentage of qualified traffic as users have already shown an interest in the brand and are characterized as of qualified leads able to convert the most.

4. ROI amplifies brand awareness

Email marketing campaigns play an important role in increasing brand awareness as they move leads from one phase of the conversion funnel to another and provide important information for the leads themselves. E-mails also allow contacts to be reached several times over a period of time, resulting in the creation of a trust relationship with the brand. Increased ROI from email marketing, conversions and qualified site traffic along with brand awareness are the key words we should consider for effective ROI measurement today.

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