E-Business Consulting is 15 years old

  • On 13 February 2003 E-Business Consulting was born, a digital marketing agency with the aim of being a digital facilitator.

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We started from the university hub Start Cube in the aftermath of the sboom of the new economy, in a difficult period and redefinition of expectations from the Internet world.

These were years in which we experienced firsthand all the changes that have taken place in the media: from the birth of the social media to the advent of the Smartphone era.

I thank all the people who have worked in these years and those who work in E-Business Consulting for having always given a consultancy to our activities, true secret of our success.

We started from the services on Google, SEO and SEM, to become on the occasion of the obligations related to the Legislative Decree 196/03 partner of IBM in a roadshow for Italy on the issues related to privacy.

Since 2005 we have joined the Google world with all display activities, digital direct marketing and the world of video advertsing, carrying out online planning activities for primary national and international clients.

Since 2007, however, we have specialized in prize operations and in prize competitions to provide accelerators in online and offline communication projects.

We have had the fortune, the competence and the ability to work on these issues with important customers such as: Coca Cola, Wind, Enel, Gruppo Intesa San Paolo etc.

Thanks to this competence, in 2011 we created, together with the partner MW Internet Media, the start up of Concorsi Web, a company specialized in the management of annual prize competitions in co-sponsoring and co-registration.

Also in 2011 E-Business Consulting became a member of IAB, participated for the first time as a qualified exhibitor at IAB Forum and obtained certification as a Google Partner.

We have not stopped and in 2015 we launched Ebc Guide an editorial portal where you can download free ebook guides on digital tools and in 2016 we launched GiocoQuiz a web app with which to interact with Facebook in fun mode.

From 2017 the new challenge of E-Business Consulting is called omnicanality or rather the creation of integrated marketing strategies to focus on the customer and provide an integrated experience on all touch points.

A special thanks to all the customers who have followed us over the years, trusting and allowing us to grow and experiment together.

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