Covid19: what has changed?

  • Let's discover the new habits of Italians, during and after the lockdown, through the survey conducted by E-Business Consulting.

Covid19: what has changed?

The pandemic dictated by Covid-19 has certainly influenced and changed travel behaviors and more generally the lifestyle of all of us. How, however, did this happen? We tried to find the answers to this question by conducting a survey in our user community, with the aim of understanding the new habits of daily life adopted, during and after the lockdown. Let's take a look at what emerged.

Let's start by saying that the percentage of respondents was mostly women (60%) against 40% of men. 67% of respondents left their region after quarantine and when asked: "Have you been on vacation this year?" 51% responded positively while 49% did not. Investigating more deeply, we discover that those who have been on vacation have a positive view on the end of 2020 (43%), however, those who have not been on vacation, probably for other reasons, have a negative view on the end of the year. 2020 (54%). 93% of those who went on vacation remained in Italy.

The most used streaming platforms during the quarantine were Sky (21%) followed by Netflix (17%) and Amazon Prime (16%). According to what emerged, 88% of people had already purchased products online before the quarantine, mostly related to technology, experiencing for most of them a more than positive if not excellent shopping experience. The surprising fact is that 54% of people said they didn't share their experiences on social networks while they mostly used Facebook and YouTube.

In full lockdown, what people missed most were friends (52%) followed by sport (24%) and concerts and events (12%). For 43% of respondents, whether it was working or studying from home depending on the activities, nothing has changed and for 65% of these, there were no problems in using technology while carrying out their activities.

In summary, we can say that this year's trend, as regards travel and travel, to stay in Italy with a strong focus on a possible closure of 2020 again at risk has been confirmed, also by the E-Business Consulting community. lockdown. As for purchases, people tend to buy online more and more and it is for this reason that we should pay more and more attention to investing in this channel. Let's see the results below:

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting