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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing identifies opportunities to intercept users on smartphone, to offer services and products based on preferences

The definition of an ad hoc strategy for Mobile Marketing activities has become central in the development of every digital activity in Italian companies, also in relation to current development trends in which almost 80% of the total time spent on internet use it is now generated by mobile.

However, we should not consider mobile as a world in its own right where you can intercept the user only on the move. We are increasingly faced with users who interact with the brand and our products in different ways in an omnichannel approach. We must therefore develop mobile marketing strategies integrating them with the whole digital world, with off-line objectives and with the business development plan, putting the customer in the center.

It is also undeniable that depending on the sectors and the type of business developed, mobile accesses are higher or lower than average. Our suggestion in defining an integrated and winning mobile marketingstrategy is to avoid "dropping something from above" but to try to find information, suggestions and advice starting from your target in order to achieve something really useful and responsive to customer needs.

In our experience of over 15 years of activity in the digital market we have found too many times digital projects and in particular of mobile marketing that, although presented and supported by some press, were blatantly rejected by the final customers as they did not find utility and added value.

Today, the average user in Italy uses 88.8% of mobile Internet through the use of mobile APPs. However, the development of an APP that allows added value to the end customer is not trivial. Over 80% of the APP downloaded and opened by users or customers are no longer used because they do not find added value inside, or because in key services ...... they are not functional.

There are many companies, also very well known that, once launched an APP do not bother to follow and verify the comments in the Android and IOS stores and to create processes to improve and optimize anomalous or defective features reported by users.

Without prejudice to the need to create an integrated omnichannel strategy, we provide, by way of example, some of the marketing and communication activities that can be carried out in the context of Mobile Marketing:

  1. App development for business promotion and user engagement, compatible for Android / iOS devices;
  2. Download APP or the development of digital campaigns to stimulate the download of an APP in Android and IOS;
  3. Mobile Promotion, to stimulate the purchase of specific products or services through geo-localized promotional initiatives;
  4. Loyalty Promotion programs, through the creation of dedicated apps for regular customers;
  5. Mobile Service, for the creation and / or maintenance of the relationship with the customer, for pre and post sales activities;
  6. Mobile eCommerce, for the creation of an alternative sales channel in real time based on the needs of users

E-Business Consulting in relation to the services / products offered and the target audience is able to study and implement the best Mobile Marketing strategy, to improve your business objectives. Request a free quote.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing identifies opportunities to intercept users on smartphone, to offer services and products based on preferences 18/04/2020 E-Business Consulting