Webinar: Market Research

  • An effective tool to improve business decisions: find out on Wednesday 14 April at the free webinar of E-Business Consulting.

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When we talk about Market Research or Marketing Research we mean a process of collecting information on the needs and preferences of consumers, which can take place both offline and online.

Market Research helps the company to better understand the reference context, and are implemented with the following purposes:

  • define or improve one's own market approach strategy;
    • understand how to improve a product or how to package a service, finding the way to produce it more conveniently;
    • analyze a specific market segment and select the target markets;
    • plan and implement a marketing mix that can meet customer demand and meet the needs of the organization;
    • analyze the performance of marketing activities;
    • measure Customer Satisfaction;
    • identify and evaluate opportunities.

Online Market Research is useful because it allows you to take advantage of the Internet to actively monitor web 2.0, allowing companies to optimize costs and response times to find strategic information on the target audience.

For this reason E-Business Consulting, for the sixth appointment of its series of free Webinars, has decided to tackle the theme of Market Research.

After a general introduction on the key concepts and the importance of the tool for companies, the following topics related to Market Research will be explored:

  • Basic terminology and type of research: in particular, we will understand how to identify the objective of a market research, the reference sample and the method of administration.
  •  Characteristics of the online surveys: main areas of intervention, the phases of online surveys, sample identification, development of the questionnaire and method of administration; data collection and analysis; Case History of E-Business Consulting;
  •  Social Media Monitoring: characteristics, introduction to the Social Media Monitoring Tool, development phases;
  • Measurement of Customer Satisfaction: why it is important for the company, how and why to measure the perception of the quality of the service or product, the main measurement techniques.

Market Research is the ideal tool for companies that want to know in depth the reference market and their customers, potential or real; therefore, it is good to understand how to exploit this opportunity to be able to intervene at a strategic level and increase sales performance.

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting