Total Adv Spending October 2020

  • In October, the advertising market confirms the negative trend already registered in September. The single month ends in fact at a loss of -2.3%

Total Adv Spending October 2020

Covid-19 and lockdown effects keep influencing and swaying the markets trends. Specifically, advertising investments in Italy registered an overall decrease of -14.1% compared to the same period (January-October) in 2019, showing a slight increase compared to the period January-September 2020 (-15.9%). If we exclude Nielsen's estimate on search, social, classified (sponsored ads) and the so-called "Over The Top" (OTT), the performance of the first nine months of 2020 stands at -18.7%.

As for media investments, the two most disadvantaged sectors are the transit and the outdoor sectors, which have suffered (due to travel restrictions) a reduction in investments of -53.9% and -45.5% respectively. Right after we find the magazines sector, in which investments have dropped by -39.9%. On the other hand, the sector that was least affected by the emergency seems to be the online advertising sector (including search, social, classified and OTT), which only recorded a decrease of -5%.

If we look at commodity investments now, we can see that, in the single month of October, telecommunication, toiletries and home management show particularly considerable performances, with increases of 31.3%, 30.2% and 52.2% respectively. Throughout the period of time between January and October, we can see an increase in those sectors that were already growing in September: home management (+10.1%), distribution (+3.4%) and bodies and institutions (+16%). On the contrary, the markets that kept dropping throughout the same period of time are: automotive (-25.2%), free time (-53%), personal care (- 36%), tourism and travel (-58%) and clothing (-38%).

Economic indicators of the next couple of months, those that will open 2021, will be still invebitably affected by the pandemic evolution and by the contagion curve. Moreover, the uncertainty on how the current crititcal emergency phase will be managed, will undoubtedly reflect on the markets performance.

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