Adv Spending July 2020 in Itay

  • ADV Spending in Italy in the second semester of 2020: July is the first month after the lockdown to end with a positive market value.

Adv Spending July 2020 in Itay

The month of July 2020 shows signs of recovery following the collapse caused by Covid-19. Advertising investments in Italy registered a decrease of -19.2% compared to the same period of 2019. But an increase by 8% is actually registered if we consider only the month of July.
If we exclude Nielsen's estimate on search, social, classified (sponsored ads) and the so-called "Over The Top" (OTT), the performance of the first semester of 2020 closes with -23.5% distributed on all media and all sectors.

As for the media investments, at the first place among the most disadvantaged we find transportation and outdoor activities, which due to travel restrictions have suffered a reduction in investments of -58.6% and -51.7%. Followed by Magazines investments that dropped by -40.8%. The online advertising market (including search, social, classified and OTT) was the least affected by the emergency: it recorded a decrease by 11.1%.

As for the commodity investments, the automotive, finance/insurance, construction industry and communication sectors are finally rising again respectively by +99,1%, +132,3%, +63,1% and +7,3%.
On the other hand the markets that are dropping are: food (-18,8%), pharmaceutics (-20%) and drinks/alcohols (-23,3%).

The values are still negative but evidently increasing. Covid-19 had a strong impact on all enterprises, but apparently a glimmer of hope is brightening next months’ results.

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