TikTok and Shopify partnership

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TikTok and Shopify partnership

2019 was characterized by the entry into the Italian market of the Canadian eCommerce platform Shopify, which was born in 2006 and rapidly became market leader. To date, in 2021, approximately 1.7 million stores - in 175 countries - are using Shopify as their eCommerce platform.

The solution that Shopify supplies to create an eCommerce is very intuitive and quick to understand: users will find a single integrated backend to manage all the aspects and phases of an eCommerce, from the creative side, to marketing, to analytics, etc. Shopify's goal is to continuously optimize and evolve in order to improve trading for all sellers using the platform.

In this sense, Shopify users can find apps and modules in the platform that can be associated with their accounts or "stores". These apps will make their selling experience more dynamic and complete and from this year, the TikTok app can be found among this roster of apps in Italy too. Thanks to the partnership with TikTok, sellers on Shopify will be able to advertise their products through promotional videos in TikTok style, giving customers the opportunity to purchase these products directly through the app.

The alliance with TikTok was strongly desired by Shopify as a consequence of both an exponential increase in mobile shopping, and the birth of the social commerce trend, mainly exploited by the youngest who proved to be more likely to make mobile purchases through social media.

Therefore, TikTok proved to be the best choice - being the most downloaded app in the world with 100 million unique users in Europe and 100 million unique users in the United States of America. The main goal of this partnership is to support the digital transformation of all those brands and SMEs that have the desire to innovate and reach their target audience on this platform. The app, in fact, allows all brands to be successful, giving them the opportunity to produce engaging and immersive content capable of generating a viral effect, regardless of the product sector to which they belong and the number of followers they have.

Within the Shopify marketplace, sellers must select and install the TikTok app on their store and follow the instructions to create a TikTok Business account. By connecting the store to the new TikTok Business account, a new sales channel will be created. How does it work in practice? After linking the account, the seller will have to install the pixel, define their target audience and create video ads for their products - all this without leaving the Shopify platform. It will also be possible to track the main performance metrics in order to better understand the conversion funnel and optimize the ads in progress.

Social commerce is a unique opportunity that will continue to further develop which companies should take into account in order to adapt to future trends.

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