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  • For all those who believed that SMS Marketing was dead, 2018 sees it as one of the main protagonists in the advertising scene

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The greatest operators in the Digital Industry know this well: the SMS used as a marketing lever has always been one of the most important first places in terms of effectiveness of action and approval by users.

The 2018 trends in terms of advertising? An important position is certainly occupied by the SMS Marketing tool. Strange but that's it! The use of promotional SMS is not a novelty in the advertising panorama (we are talking about an instrument that has made about 20 springs) but, even though in the last 2 years it has undergone a phase of degrowth in terms of use, today it is finally reborn and back in vogue thanks to its immortal characteristics of direct communication that already long ago had consecrated it as one of the best advertising solutions.

Taking a look at the world scene, it emerges that new technologies and furniture are constantly expanding; in fact, just think that in 2016 the navigation from mobile devices had exceeded that from the desktop. Translated into poor words: almost the whole world has a smartphone and uses it anytime and anywhere ... (especially in the bathroom). So, even today and certainly more than yesterday, the importance of the mobile in everyday life has been confirmed.

It is precisely for this reason that today all roads lead here, to the SMSMarketing as a tool for digital communication to promote their products and services or to increase the reputation of the brand of their company. But not only that, the use of AdvertisingSMS is one of the most direct communication possibilities because, in a world governed by instant messaging, all those who receive a text message find themselves so intrigued that they can not give up and go to check the communication as soon as it arrives.

Why does the Business need this tool? The answer is very simple! The SMS in marketing is a tool in step with the times, immediate, transparent, direct and characterized by the fascination of ubiquity (reaches the different users in any place and at any time). Promotional SMS messages are cheap compared to other digital communication tools, they attract attention, can be personalized, monitored and above all, are very useful in generating new qualified contacts.

Advantages? In addition to those just mentioned, there are others of even higher thickness! Not everyone has a social profile but, as previously mentioned, almost all have a smartphone and that is precisely why the rate of deliverability, openness of the message and interaction is greater. Note even more rosy is given by the fact that an SMS is read within 3 minutes of receipt and that the possibility of going into SPAM is practically excluded because the rate of communications that can be rejected by the servers is really very low. But that is not all. Promotional messages are characterized by a high level of security, even compared to the risks of fraud.

Text messages used as a means of promotion also have extremely positive characteristics: trust and transparency are practically inherent in the tool. The achievement of new customers but also the loyalty of existing ones are easily achievable consequences and objectives for all those who use this means of communication to expand the Business and Brand Awareness of their brand or business.

Why should all companies use SMS as a marketing tool? The sms are used to request information, to invite users to events, to launch promotions and discount seasons, to remember appointments, to give information about successful payments or to collect or purchase products and, above all, fulfill the function to save time for all those who receive communication.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting