Omnichannel Strategy

  • We have witnessed the exponential increase in the eCommerce world in recent months, however the omnichannel approach is still slow.

Omnichannel Strategy

According to the Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan, in most cases the organizational structures do not have an adequate governance structure to ensure appropriate omnichannel management. In the past few months, companies have had to quickly work towards the needs of consumers, holed up at home because of the Covid-19 emergency. Now that many companies have facilitated eCommerce services, will they also be able to do their best to omnichannel?

The data relating to Italian companies highlight the presence of various strategic barriers to the implementation of a fully omnichannel strategy for its customers.

First of all, perspective places the product at the center and not the individual consumer.

There are also shortcomings on the skills necessary for the management of the omnichannel customer experience both in terms of vertical skills (for example data management, consumer behavior analysis / customer journey, advanced analytics, content management, etc.) and soft skills (such as change management, coordination skills, collaboration, etc.).

The degree of maturity of the companies in Italy on the omnichannel theme cannot therefore be defined as mature. At the moment.

A further element on which companies must work to implement an omnichannel strategy is represented by the enormous amount of data that revolve around the individual consumer but which they are unable to exploit and even less to analyze. The volume of data available to organizations, according to various studies, is growing exponentially and represents a gold mine for corporate business. Behind the multitude of data lies the history of the individual and his behavior as a buyer.

In 42% of cases, companies rate their ability to generate business value from data collected on consumers as null, or at most limited, and only 2% rate it as excellent. The main difficulties that companies report about data management are:

- the lack of centralization of data

- the difficulty in integrating online and offline data

- legal issues

All of this highlights how awareness of the importance of managing the various channels of relationship with the consumer has spread, but at the same time it is difficult to put it into practice, due to many barriers to overcome. A lack of organizational culture, technological and organizational gaps, lack of structures capable of communicating with each other prevent a fluid conquest of omnichannel by companies.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting