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Back from the last IAB, the largest Internet advertising event in Italy, it is now assumed that the market is governed almost entirely by two big giants: Facebook and Google. From what emerged, these two big names also defined as OTT (Over the Top), hold 75% of the entire advertising market (+4% compared to 2017) with expected trend of continuous growth in the coming years. Not only Italy, but also the European market is no exception to this rule.

In terms of quantity, we are talking about a chain of investors such as publishers, dealers and agencies that buy advertising space on a limited number of ecosystems, or rather OTTs, contribute daily to their exponential growth. This led, big companies as Facebook and Google, to understand more and more their potential thanks to the huge amount of data in their possession, and consequently, to create complementary ecosystems that can attract thousands of users on different touch points .

But are we sure that OTTs operate in a regime of transparency towards their investors? Have you ever wondered why your daily Google Ads budget runs out so fast?

Yes, we are talking about Google Ads for campaigns set up to perform with a CPA bid model. In this specific case when optimizing campaigns, you should not only pay attention to elements such as keywords, attractiveness of the ads, conversion rate (and much more) but also to the search terms that trigger the publication of our ads.

Always in the case of a CPA model if in the section dedicated to keywords you move to the third tab at the top right, called search terms, and order terms for average CPC you will widen your eyes seeing the high cost you paid for a single click! And not only that, in most cases you will find words that have little to do with your campaign. An example? In our case we have found words like: "sport to chew" cost per click Euro 10.66, "I lose a lot of hair" cost per click Euro 21.00, "the telephone list of my list" cost per click Euro Euro 10.95 "Dybala phone number" cost per click Euro 3.70, keywords are absolutely not relevant to the terms and the setup of the campaign that make you consume the daily budget unnecessarily, forcing you to fill the coffers of Google again.

Having said that, do not you think that more regulation is needed, aimed at guaranteeing the proper functioning of advertising mechanisms, especially towards to investor companies?


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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting