Social Media Marketing and Tourism

  • The increase of social networks has revolutionized the travel and tourism sector and the choice of a holiday it depends on comments and images.

Social Media Marketing and Tourism

Before browsing the pages of a catalog placed on the desk of one of the many tour operators it was normal, today it is a continuous scrolling of the Facebook and Instagram feed, hunting for your dream location. In addition to the suggestive locations, the potential of the photos in relation to the number of "likes" is also taken into consideration.

For this reason, for example Instagram has quickly turned into an authentic oracle for travel inspiration, which can come either from the official account of a famous brand or from a simple profile of a friend or family member. In fact, on Instagram alone, 450 million posts are marked with the "travel" hashtag.

What social networks have actually done has been to facilitate and expand the capacity of people, tourists 2.0, to share travel experiences with a wider audience. Over 97% of people share photos and videos of their travels, creating an influential network of content, in short, real storytelling that describe day by day experiences and sensations. The display of this information has a strong relevance on the choice of tourist destinations for all those who acquire them.

Also on social networks, groups dedicated to travel to the sea or in the mountains or in exotic locations have also been created. Each post their own experience and the different opportunities are shared, the recommended locations and how to optimize the holidays.

All operators in the tourism sector have understood the extent of the phenomenon and have tried to remedy it by opening official social pages. The use of social media by operators in the sector is aimed at increasing the perception of authoritativeness of the brand in the eyes of users, always keeping in mind the goal of inspiring their followers.

Not all companies belonging to the tourism sector are accustomed to the use of social network to influence the choices of their potential guests; it would be enough to systematically update the social pages with information, captivating images, persuasive and quality texts; these small tricks can help to attract users' attention, directing them in the choices.

In addition, interacting online with guests helps to expand their content in an original and authentic way; in doing so the company creates, with the customer, its reputation and this allows both to monitor the mentions of the brand and to establish a relationship between customer and company based on mutual trust.

Some companies have managed to go further, taking advantage of what they have learned over time from social media and combining it with the experience gained thanks to what can be defined as a global activity. An example above all is the Look & Book function implemented by the easyJet airline in its official application, which can be downloaded for free on Android (all smartphones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

Through this option, easyJet allows users to upload a photo inside the phone gallery via app. From the photo, easyJet manages to trace the desired travel location. Once recognized the destination of the holiday dreamed by the user, easyJet releases all the information related to the flight, including the destination airport, the days and times of departure, as well as the rates linked to the dates on the calendar.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting