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  • Why SMS Marketing can be a fundamental commercial tool for your business offering great results in Italy in 160 characters

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Making SMS Marketing in III Millenium seems an advertiing activity out of time? In the time of internet, smartphone and free messaging apps that have almost reseted the costs and have make possible to write with anyone all over the world it seems yes, but actually the dispatch of adverstising SMS is instead an opportuinity to pick up for your personal communication strategy. What are the advantages that SMS Marketing can offers?

First, SMS Marketing it's an immediate and direct form of communication. The cap of characters it's possibile to use brings about creation of concise, focused and efficient promotional campaigns. But in the same time, 160 characters are enought for different possibilities of planning like:

  • Standard SMS, where it’s possible to personalize the text to send to your own target
  • Interactive SMS, where the user is called to answer to the message just received.
  • SMS with custom sender, where it’s possible put the name of your own business instead of the mobile number
  • SMS with link to landing page, where the user is called to one specific and misurable action.

E-Business Consulting is able to meet your needs and possibilities, helping to understand which is the right alternative for your communication strategy. 

The SMS received will be always read: because Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others stolen the scene, the 98% of the SMS received is read from the addressees. The users will read the message in real time, within 2 minutes from the reception. Moreover, the message will be send also to people who doesn't have a mobile phone with internet connection, reaching all the target. 

Small investment, big return: the investment for a SMS Marketing campaign is lower than the other advertising forms, with an very high open rate and overall a very high conversione rate. 

The SMS received from the users are a very little number also because there isn't so many companies that decided to activate this communication channel, so the competition is very lower. No limits, every kind of business can use SMS Marketing campaigns, combined with Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing, for an activity of communication complete and omnichannel.

We can't send the SMS to everyone: the segmentation of your own target is fundamental to make a concrete and focused action, respecting the latest privacy rules. E-Business Consulting, strong of its experience, is able to give databases GDPR compliance, outlined by province, ZIP code, gender,  age and areas of interest. The service includes the rental of the target user database, the cost of sent sms, possible ad hoc landing page and detailed reporting of the items sent.

Not only promotion and commercial messages: it's possible to send greetings messages, save the date for events and appointments, informations and news. The main purpose of SMS Marketing is build the customers loyalty, making grow the number of loyal clients and also the number of potential clients, reducing the times of communications and using to the best the investements. 

Are you interested about this oportunity? Call us for a free quote for your SMS Marketing activity and discover the services offered by E-Business Consulting, a leading company in all Mobile Marketing activities. 

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting