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  • At the Mico Congress Center in Milan an event entirely dedicated to Customer Relationship Management

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On Tuesday 28th May we took part in the annual conference organized by Salesforce, a leading company in the CRM world, to learn about and explore components and possible applications of the platform used by over 150.000 small and large companies.

The event has allowed us not only to develop new skills related to Costumer journey but also to know and listen to concrete experiences in the field of digital transformation by managers and entrepreneurs of companies such as Lamborghini, F. C. Internazionale Milano and Nicolaus Tour.

The key topic of this edition was the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is leading companies to a new process of transforming their business in the name of:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Customer Centricity
  • Connectivity
  • Omnichannel

The exchange of different viewpoints has also been stimulated by the presence of about 50 sessions in which the so-called "trailblazers", that are Salesforce customers but especially innovators in the context of business models and services per customers, have alternated to share with the audience their success stories.

It was possible to understand how the Salesforce platform guarantees an integrated management of customer relations and thanks to its clouds can adapt to the needs of individual companies independently from the field of action.

The result is a unified customer experience where the high levels of integration allow you to have a customer view at 360 degrees, taking advantage of the latest innovations in AI.

Overall it was certainly a positive experience, thanks to the presence of prestigious and high-level speakers who made their speeches engaging and engaging, attracting over 6.000 people in one day.

It was also a valuable opportunity to meet industry leaders, partners, customers and innovators not only in the retail sector but also in the automotive, banking and utilities sectors in general.

So we go back home with a wealth of skills that are certainly richer with regard to the platform and with new and interesting ideas to provide key support for current business strategies.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting