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  • The needs of the Digital Advertising market have changed. E-Business Consulting in conjunction with Adform presents a new Set of Exclusive Formats in Programmatic Adv.

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The collaboration between E-Business Consulting and Adform begins in 2010, and in the last 7 years this relationship has been deepened and consolidated. The platform has always been used to track performance data for different online campaigns, but Adform is a lot more. In fact, it is today the key to E-Business Consulting to be able to face the new challenges of online advertising, such as Programmatic Advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising? It is a digital process based on the acquisition of data provided by cookies and pixels. They are tracking systems that can detect target user / customer by registering their online behavior. After that, depending on the information obtained through the appropriate technology platforms, the inventory is purchased automatically.

Having the ability to read and interpret data to define the best online marketing and visibility strategy consistent with customer needs, this is the real revolution of Programmatic Advertising.

What is the best way to define the right online visibility strategy through Programmatic Advertising? It is a question that depends on the specific needs of each customer (brand or company), but first it is essential to acquire the necessary know-how within the reference agency. For this reason, the E-Business Consulting team has brilliantly exceeded the Adform Certification Program by gaining recognition that attracts skills and operational methodology from 2016.

E-Business Consulting, in synergy with the Adform team, having gained experience in the field and having the desire to upgrade in a constantly evolving market, has decided to launch a new Set of Banner Formats Adaptable to Display from Computer, Tablet and Smartphone.

The two sets in question have been created to meet the needs and needs of companies, agencies and large media centers:

• a SLICEBox Banner Format (300x250)

• a Banner Venetian Leaderboard Format (728x90)

The two formats are able to attract attention. Taking advantage of this new opportunity will allow you to reach users in an innovative and original way.

Banners consist of four rotating slides, where images, maps and compilation forms can be entered. Each banner is comfortably editable within any platform in Programmatic.

Automated formats are suitable for devices and operating modes. They give new life to the online adv as they respect the behavior of users and offer a positive response to those who want to use them for Schedules in Programmatic. They also help break all the barriers imposed by the new Rich Media regulation.

The target? These new Banner Formats have been designed and created to promote products and services on the web without invading users' online experience. Making advertising proposals less invasive with the aim of producing better online business performance.

Are you interested in trying out the new exclusive formats created by E-Business Consulting? Call us for a free consultation and we'll give you all the details you need to optimize your investment in Programmatic.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting