Our future with A.I.

  • From the business world to everyday life. How Artificial Intelligence is applied and what advantages derive from it.

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What is artificial intelligence and why do everyone talk about it? We are asking a complex and controversial question at the same time, to which many scientists, since the '40s, have tried to respond.

For AI, we mean the ability of a technological system to carry out tasks, solve problems and explain functions typical of the human mind. Applied to the IT sector, it can be said that the AI is responsible for creating software and hardware that can act independently.

This is a very hot topic in this last period, whose debate has matured thanks to the high technological progress achieved to date, just think about the advanced level of computational calculation up to the ability to analyze in real time huge quantities of data in any form.

The distinctive feature of Artificial Intelligence lies in the learning models through which intelligence itself becomes skilled in performing a task. These models are divided into Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

The Machine Learning includes mathematical algorithms through which the machines learn so that they can then carry out an activity without it being previously programmed. A sort of training aimed at learning.

When we talk about Deep Learning, on the other hand, we are dealing with learning models inspired by the structure and functioning of the human brain. Deep Learning is the algorithm that allows to emulate the human mind through algorithms but also artificial neural networks designed ad hoc and a very powerful computational capacity.

Artificial intelligence is now part of our daily life: between robots and chatbots, for example, countless companies and research centers are working to develop increasingly advanced technologies.

But how can AI be applied in the business? The answer derives from its multifaceted nature: from cognitive search to increase the management of information in the company, to its application in the marketing world, reaching the aforementioned chatbots used by many telephone companies. So thanks to its extreme versatility, marketing professionals have begun to exploit artificial intelligence for businesses.

Some of the advantages deriving from the use of Artificial Intelligence can be:

- allow marketers to use without limit the large amount of data they possess, automating the processing of insights;
- allow marketers to develop ad hoc projects based on user preferences;
- increase the effectiveness of media execution by optimizing campaigns through the customer journey and improving both performance and ROI.

Beyond the professionals of the sector, each of us, in everyday life is in contact with Artificial Intelligence. There are three sectors in which it is used with great success:

- Search engine
RankBrain is used by Google to decode the requests that users ask. Thanks to this system Google combines new words with words already known in the taxonomy of its portal, updating them automatically.

- In-Image Advertising
It is an advertisement aimed at linking an ad to an image. It is therefore possible to combine photographs on the web with related advertisements that are thematically close to each other.

- Product marketing
Recommend the best products to users based on their interests. If more consumers are interested in some objects or topics, the software deduces that other consumers looking for one of the topics in question may also be interested in others.

All this, extends the perspective to new hires looking for professionals who are able to play a role that is becoming increasingly popular in the business world.

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