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Mobile Marketing Italy

  • Mobile marketing confirms itself like the main tool for all the activities linked to drive to store.

Mobile Marketing Italy

The new techniques of Mobile Marketing take life from the continue evolution of smartphone and from the development of ever more sofisticated technologies that are able to guide the user on the go exactly inside the store.

One of the most problem that currently affect all the commercail activities with showcase on the road is the constantly drop of the entrances inside the store, doesn’t matter if at the same time, the percentage of the people that buy, once entered inside the store, is more higher. Often we can see that this trend doesn’t compense itself and the result is lower commercial performances. The modern client today arrives in the store already informed, knowing exactly what he can buy and how much money he could spend.

The Mobile Marketing arrives to help all that commercial activities that find out a deficit of attendees and lower commercial performances inside their stores.

Almost 83 milions of SIM are currently actives in Italy, adding together residential and business utilities of different phone providers: 53,8 milions (about 65%) of 83 have the Internet connection and in a average day more of 62,6% of italians between 18-74 years old browse from the smartphone.   

The smartphone is become the essential tool to play, to socialize, to inform yourslef, to have an instant contact and to drive to store the users. With technologies totally GDPR complied, today is possible to geolocalize and outline the users.

In particular, it’s possible to intercept and push the users that in theirs behaviours of browsing from smartphone are searching for a specific product, are less intrested to buy directly online and want to see with their own eyes.

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