Lockdown and Consumption

  • We have now entered Phase 2 of Covid-19 and the Italians have significantly changed their consumption habits.

Lockdown and Consumption

The investigation continues to find out which habits have consolidated in this new phase and what the prospects of the Italians are for the coming weeks.

The latest survey (relating to the period 17 - 22 April 2020 on a sample of 632 cases +18 representative of the Italian population) showed a growth in purchases from small local retailers and a preference for Made in Italy products. This was accompanied by an increase in domestic activities and the desire to maintain some habits acquired during the quarantine over time, such as the time dedicated to family and cooking.

What evidence emerges?

Cooking and home care are confirmed as main activities

The new survey confirms the consolidation in Italian habits of activities related to the home, from cooking to DIY: the latter activity was in fact rediscovered by 47% of respondents. Gardening also recorded an increase of 32%, highlighting a new propensity to purchase towards this type of product.

It is important for brands to know these changes and new trends, so that they can intercept emerging needs and be able to satisfy them in the shortest time possible not only in the physical store but also through eCommerce.

Entertainment will continue to play a key role

The research found that the category of products that will be most purchased by the Italians in the coming weeks will be electronics, in particular PCs or televisions (for a value equal to 31% of the sample) demonstrating how Internet and Entertainment will remain among the privileged activities also in this phase.

There is an expansion of the purchase funnel

In view of the purchase, the online search for information on the desired products and services increases for 43% of people and in 80% of the cases the purchase process seems to begin precisely with an online comparison between different sites to evaluate prices and opinions.

The Italians want to return to normality

Despite the uncertainties of the period, the survey finally finds that people want to return to normal and start again, while maintaining some caution: more than 50% of respondents say they have made a trip out of town (with all the necessary precautions) and only 15% have no intention of doing so at the moment.

Companies must therefore be able to seize the moment and transmit trust to consumers, in order to encourage the return to consumption.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting