LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Definition and usage: a first approach to understand the functioning of this powerful tool to find new clients

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This article will address a hot topic, which lately is causing a lot of curiosity and interest: LinkedIn.

The current report is going to focus on a tool that requires a minimum level of expertise: LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For this reason, it will target users that are already autonomous and can use this Social Network effortlessly. We will explain what Sales Navigator is, what it can do and, above all, why it can make a big difference in your business.

Let’s start right away by saying that Sales Navigator is one of the four Premium accounts available on the platform. Premium shall be intended as a monthly subscription cancellable at any time. For the first month it can be also activated for free, in order to get started and have an overview of the functions.

In detail, Sales Navigator aims at developing new business opportunities, so it is appropriate for people who plan to enhance their activities. It provides useful tools that improve the search for new leads, expand the possibilities to monitor and interact with them. 

It is important to state that the transition from contact to client is not immediate, nor obvious: is essential to plan and follow strictly a strategy that seeks to gain the trust of the chosen prospects. Furthermore, a key element is represented by the detailed information that Sales Navigator provides, because they allow to develop an ad hoc communication and offer (in the final stage).

What are the differences between LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator then?

There are many. However, the most important one to remember is that the Premium account removes several limitations that the Basic one sets as default features. Moreover, Sales Navigator provides more detailed information when it comes to identify valuable potential customers (both users and businesses).

LinkedIn Basic relies on a network concept, which shows connections that range from 1st to 3rd grade and won’t allow users to search for people who go beyond those three levels of connection. 

Sales Navigator instead, relies on leads and accounts. A lead is intended as a physical person while an account is intended as a business. It is not mandatory that these subjects are part of our LinkedIn network. Without them knowing, we will be the ones to label them as leads or accounts, in order to be informed of all their updates.

Sales Navigator offers two different profiles: Pro, which costs 75 € per month, and Team, which costs 128 € per month. It is fundamental to understand which one suits best the needs of each company (and it could not be the cheaper).

To sum up, Team provides further tools compared with the other option. For example, Sales Navigator Team allows to sync the CRM and delivers reports with reference to monitoring activities.

LinkedIn is a Social Network with a challenging nature, which represents both its strength and its weakness. To conclude, it is important to understand its dynamics and learn how to use this platform strategically to make the business grow!

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