Internet users October 2020

  • Available now the Audiweb 2.0 data regarding the users of the internet from pc and mobile in October 2020

Internet users October 2020

In this news, we will talk about the distribution of the Audiweb Database, with the total data of internet use referring to the month of October 2020 collected according to the new Audiweb 2.0 methodology and also comparing it with the data from the previous month.

October was characterized by a new wave of Covid-19, however, it was also the month where all the activities went 100% back to business. In October, people using the Internet from Computers or Mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) have reached 44 million single users, corresponding to the 73,8% of Italians aged 2+. Overall, in the average day, an online audience increase of 5,3% is evident compared to September.

Analyzing the data by average day in October, the total audience is represented by 34,7 million single users, further divided according to the following numbers: 30,6 million smartphone users (70,2% of Italians aged 18-74 years), 5,6 million users from tablet (12,9% of Italians aged 18-74) and 10,5 million users from computer (17,6% of Italians aged 2+). The average time spent per person on the internet is 2 hours and 37 minutes.

On the average day, increases were recorded in all the registry bands, with differences dictated by age and lifestyle features. In general, the total digital audience sees 59,6% of men (17,36 million) and 56,6% of women (17,33 million) online.

Focusing now on the online usage coming from the different geographical areas, we can notice a proportional general increase in almost all the areas of the country: North-West, North-East, and Center rising, while the South and the Islands area remaining steady.

Going into detail of the time spent online based on gender and different age groups, we can see that men, on average, spend 2 hours and 31 minutes online - on the average day - while women 2 hours and 43 minutes. Furthermore, in October, the use of the Internet in different age groups is distributed as follows: 99,4% of people aged 18-24; 99,6% of people aged 25-34; 98,4% of people aged 35-44; 95,5% of people aged 45-54; 91,1% of people aged 55-64 and 44,7% of people aged over 65 years old.

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