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  • We will discover all the advantages and opportunities to valorize our brand thanks to the opportunity to open a business profile in Instagram

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Instagram, as we know, is a social network that allows you to share images and photographs and modify them through the use of special filters. The application was launched in 2010 and then purchased in 2012 for a billion dollars from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. In 2018 Instagram users in Italy arrive at 16 million. It is a "young" platform, populated by Millennials. In fact, while Facebook is becoming a meeting place for the more mature people, Instagram attracts more and more digital native boys and girls, accustomed to electronical communication and that enjoying share all the moments of their lives.This Target has always been hostile to more conventional forms of communication and this is why Instagram is a key element to meet them in their comfort zone.

Analyzing the application we have see and learn the reasons why this social network is today so fundamental in any web marketing strategy and what are the strengths of opening a business profile for your brand. In particular, Instagram today is the most used social network for influencer marketing, in fact there we can find more than 50% of posts containing the hashtag #ad, #adv, #advertising. Furthermore, the 98% of influencer/customer interactions take place in Instagram, where relationships are cultivated, opinions are exchanged and comments and like help people to express their preferences.

The 4 main advantages of opening a business profile on Instagram for brands are:

• the possibility of inserting call to action buttons,

• analyze insights,

• to sponsor

• increase collaborations.

Let's see in detail every single element above.

Within the Business profile of every Brand, it’s possible to insert direct “call to action” buttons such as "send a message”, "call", “send e-mail". In this way the user with a simple tap on the screen of his smartphone can create a direct communication with the brand.

The second point, allows monitoring the activities in the profile: the insights are the synthesis of all the data regarding views, comments, likes and rescues that allow to analyze brand actions and to think about what the best contents to convey are. Interactions, visits, clicks to the site, coverage, impression can be kept under control. About content, however, you can monitor posts, stories and promotions. Finally, it is possible to analyzes the public that follows the brand page, where it comes from, age group, sex etc. Insights are essential for planning sponsorships, in fact some experts recommend investing budgets in posts that already involve users on first impact (in the first 2-3 hours), and ignore the less appealing ones.

When you decide to sponsor a post or a story, Instagram offers 3 choices of goals: more visits to the profile, more visits to the website, more views of promotions. Furthermore, you can choose the target based on geographical area, gender/age and interests. Regarding the budget, it will affect the coverage and duration of the campaign.

The last advantage, increase collaboration, is closely linked to the scope of the Instagram Story. Launched in August 2016, they represent a new way to communicate, very close to face to face, through which influencers express themselves in a direct way, integrating advertising with their lifestyle; users have the perception of physically entering in the life of their idols. Instagram Stories attract 400 million users a month and more and more brands approach this format, favoring it rather than static posts. Obviously, to start collaborations with Influencers, it is necessary to have a Business profile.

E-Business Consulting, always in line with trends, is the ideal partner to start your Influencer Marketing campaign, both through Instagram and through the use of other platforms. We offer strategic planning services for operations, identifying the most coherent partners with the brand mission and vision

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