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  • Intercept consumers at the right time, in the right channel allows to create experiences and interactions of value that enable to increase loyalty and loyalty

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Data have assumed a priority role within the marketing strategies of the companies, as they constitute the ideal starting point for the creation of a quality customer experience, which is able to exploit all the possible touchpoints within the customer journey.

This also means finding the right balance between personalization of the offer and privacy in order to satisfy the expectations of customers by using the resources available in the most efficient way.

But what do consumers think and what are their habits? Selligent recently conducted research on around 5.000 consumers globally between the ages of 18 and 75.

As for personalization, 51% of respondents said they were willing to share their personal data in exchange for a customized experience, especially among the younger ones.

The older generation, on the other hand, despite having lower expectations for personalization, still consider it a value component.

This trend underlines the importance for brands to create ad hoc interactions and personalized messages through which they can achieve greater customer loyalty and final satisfaction.

It is important, however, not to overdo it, always respecting the feedback and preferences of consumers so as not to be too invasive.

Regarding privacy, despite recent events such as the introduction of the new GDPR Regulation and some scandals that have increased concerns regarding the protection of personal data, almost two thirds of those interviewed did not change their behavior towards social media.

Certainly, however, there has been a reduction in their use and in 32% of the cases there has been the abandonment of at least one social platform: in the first place we find Facebook with 40%, followed by Twitter (18%), Instagram (17%) and Snapchat (16%).

It is interesting to observe how the behavioral model changes according to the country of origin, registering a greater sensitivity on the part of the inhabitants of North America compared to the European ones.

It is therefore crucial to focus on the transparency of your activities, clearly and simply explaining the methods used to collect personal data.

Another aspect to consider within the customer experience is the online component, which is becoming increasingly dominant and this requires the adoption of an omnichannel strategy that allows offering the customer the same information in each touchpoint, whether online or offline.

Young people, for example, tend to prefer social channels, as confirmed by the data of Selligent which show that around 50% of the young people belonging to the Y generation (25-35 years) have been influenced or bought directly from advertisements on social platforms.

In the customer's buying experience, a crucial role is also played by the assistance service, for which 43% of those interviewed showed a preference for telephone interaction over the more hi-tech alternatives. Moreover, more than 90% of consumers expect to have speed and resolve the problem within 24 hours.

These data allow us to understand what consumers' expectations are and provide an important guideline from which to start for the creation and elaboration of a seamless customer experience, starting from the right selection of the channels used by the target audience up to the definition of the most appropriate touchpoints.

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