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If we think to internet world, what is the first word that is minded? Of course, Google! In the years Google has registered a constant increment thanks to advertising investment from client companies, in the development of new tools and in the usage from users.

In 2016, Google quota in the digital advertising incomes is equal to 32,8% in the global range. Google is the first international player for the advertising collection and it is arrived to overcome the global sum of the advertising collection of the online and offline journals. It is a cent5ral giant in a strategic point of view, incessant evolution in its own tool and in the modalities of engagement of target and users.

Google is a big word that have inside several and various tool that permit to satisfy the different necessities of companies and users. The starting points to have visibility online on Google are the activities of SEO and SEM in which the companies have the opportunity to be found by the users interested to them products or offered services.  

Not forget Youtube, thanks to the exponential grow of mobile internet the videos are important instruments of engagement and of the increase of brand. At the same time Google Analytics tool permits to analyse all the activities that are executed by the users that surf in the site. From a strategic point of view the data analyse is a fundamental element to verify: the navigation path of the user inside the web, the dropout rate, the permanence rate of the users, conversions etc.

Then exist other different tool of Google that permits to analyse and manage other typologies of actions and activities. All these toll permits to the companies to create value in every step of client acquisition: Awareness, Consideration, Acquisition and Fidelization.

The analysis of the opportunity of visibility and optimization of the online presence given by Google, that is not so banal, request competences and a global vision. It is requested to know in a detail way all the tolls, to be keep up on the news and know how use them in the medium long term in based of the changes of the company necessities and of User Experience (UX).

In conclusion realize audit is recommended to understand better the opportunity that Google can give to the companies in based of business typologies and to optimize the advertising investments in base of reached and obtained performance.

Audit will take a picture of actual strengths and weakness, identify the new opportunities to improve the strategy and correct the errors. E-Business Consulting is an active company since 203 and certified Google Partner that help the companies to optimizes the activities, the process and the advertising investments linked to the visibility on Google. Call us for a estimation! 

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting