Google and the myth of the First Page

  • Google is one of the most useful tools to be found by users potentially interested in products and services and to make themselves known

Google and the myth of the First Page

The dream is obviously to get as high as possible in the search results, perhaps reaching zero position. To appear on the first page, SEO (search engine optimization) or organic positioning techniques can be used, or paid ads can be used to appear "above the fold", ie in the upper part before scrolling the page.

Google is the main gateway to the digital universe, our personal advisor who responds to us when we don't remember something or don't know it. In Italy on average 41.6 million unique users access Google about 96.1% of the total monthly unique users, as recorded by the Audiweb data for the month of January 2020.

It therefore becomes essential to work for an optimal positioning of a website in organic search through targeted SEO activities in a digital strategy. It is said that the best place to hide a corpse ... is the second Google search page! Google, however, is not only a search engine but offers different solutions based on the objectives of advertisers.

To better understand the different possible solutions it is good to look at the overall path that the user takes on average when carrying out a search or is interested in a purchase:

  • Awareness: "I want to know ..." Display Network and Youtube
  • Consideration: "I want to choose ..." Search Network, Display Network and Youtube
  • Purchase: "I want to buy ..." Search Network, Display Network, Youtube and Gmail
  • Loyalty: "I want to stay in touch ..." Search Network, Display Network and Gmail

When we talk about paid results, which appear in the first few lines, we talk about ads on the search network, created through an advertising campaign with Google ADS. Search ads are purely textual ads and can be of two types:

  • gli annunci di testo espanso sono composti da 3 titoli, da un link a un sito e da 2 descrizioni
  • gli annunci di testo adattabili sono composti sempre da testi, descrizioni e link al sito, ma vengono combinati direttamente da Google ADS al momento della ricerca, adattandosi appunto alle singole query


Being in the first places in Google is also important for the development that tools for voice search are having. Thanks to the diffusion of voice assistants, the results that are read by questions asked by users are the first to appear in the search engine. Considering the enormous ongoing development of voice search, optimizing your site and building ad hoc campaigns also on this side is an action to be designed for your product and / or service.

To conclude, we do not share the thought, expressed by someone, that SEO today is dead and that "the future is all paid". It is important to be able to fully exploit the potential of Google both for the organic part and by setting personalized advertising campaigns based on the digital strategy relying on serious professionals with experience. Beware of alleged specialists who flood your Spam mailbox with generic email addresses, not indicating any website and not present with detailed profiles of experiences conducted on Linkedin.

E-Business Consulting marketing agency active since 2003, Google certified is able to offer the best solutions according to the available budget, ensuring the achievement of online visibility objectives in Italy and abroad.

For more information on Google Adwords, also consult the practical guide "Google Adwords: How to orientate yourself on Search Engines" created by E-Business Consulting and downloadable for free by clicking here. If you are interested in a comparison with our Google certified professionals, request a free quote!

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting