Giveaway as Engagement opportunity?

  • Giveaways are the main tool for gamification activities, taking advantage of the benefits offered by social engagement

[Translate to English:] Giveaway opportunità di Engagement?

Giveaways are a digital marketing tool that is characterized by the high involvement of users through small actions, the so-called Call To Action (CTA), aimed at the possible winning of a prize.

They are mainly conveyed on social networks and aim to increase the base of followers and more generally the development of certain brand strategies.

The advantages of giveaway are manifold:

  • Creation of a positive expectation around the brand that contributes to the definition of its own Brand Reputation distinct from competitors;
  • Engagement of fan base and maximization of interactions;
  • Increase of Visibility and Virality obtained thanks to the sharing of contents and through Word of Mouse, or the word of mouth on the web;
  • User loyalty with an ad hoc initiative that provides for the possibility of obtaining a reward following a few simple actions;
  • Acquisition of profiled leads of users interested in a certain product or service useful for subsequent Database Building activities, CRM enrichment and Email Marketing.


The giveaways are very successful in that they reproduce the playful element in a game context to leverage users emotionally and stimulate their participation and competition in order to obtain fulfillment by winning a prize offered by the promoter brand.

Which brands and which targets are best suited to this type of initiative?

Surely there is an orientation towards a B2C target, therefore final consumers but there are no particular foreclosures regarding the most suitable sectors for this type of contest: Travel, Electronics, Automotive, Fashion & Beauty, Luxury Jewelry and Clothing.

We must also not forget the recent giveaway attempt applied to the world of Italian politics, as the example of Vinci Salvini shows.

The fundamental aspects that should not be underestimated during the strategic definition are certainly the choice of the objective, the budget available and compliance with current legislation.

Compliance with the legislation is a key element to be able to determine any objective classification of the participants in the initiative and thus avoid any disputes or penalties.

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