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  • Offline event management on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has become a cornerstone for a social network strategy.

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We live in a world where social networks are comparable to everyday life, they are pastimes, they are consolation, they are relationships and they are company. The contents we seek and upload can be: family photos, evenings party with friends, thoughts and quotes, memes and jokes, news etc. They reflect the events that characterize anyone's life.

The main distinctions between the various platforms, concern the age and intention of the public that play there. In Italy the most used social networks are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they cover all age groups active on the web and almost all interests.

Facebook is like a town square. All middle-aged users chat, interact and inform themselves. There is the possibility to discover the birthday of an other person or what are the most frequented events.

Instagram is an amusement lunapark for teen, where emotions are shared in photo and video format. Festivals, experiences, places. The objective for the user have to be instagrammable. Foods, outfits, monuments, animals that reflect the sense of beauty and the exclusive.

Twitter is like entering the bar in the morning and reading the newspaper. Users discuss national and international topic, events, comment on television programs and talk shows, speck about their experience while attending a festival or a conference.

What most unites the platforms to these scenes of everyday life, is the fact of being live. In social networks the watchword is here and now.

In recent years various figures have developed in social networks, such as influencers, testimonials of the web. Many evolutions have taken place in the functionalities of these places, becoming more and more customizable and interactive. We have seen different uses from companies, such as content marketing, storytelling and anecdotes about background image of the company.

More and more, the integration between what is live in everyday life and what is live as it is on the web, becomes fundamental. Thus give us the possibility of bringing an event, a situation, a moment online to make it accessible to everyone. To give everyone the opportunity to participate actively at the experience.

E-Business Consulting, active in digital field since 2003, and promoter of social media marketing campaigns, offers this new service of creating social content in real time during events, conferences and congresses. Our accounts will deal with the creation, processing and uploading of photos, videos, texts, stories directly from the location of the live event.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting