Engage Conference: were you there?

  • We partecipated at the last edition of the Engage Conference - The new communication: data, content, creativity. Our impressions here.

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The theme of the Engage Conference 2019, an annual event held in Milan aimed at reflecting on the major themes of advertising, was "The new communication: data, content, creativity". In particular, the speeches were focused on the impact of the digital transformation in the field of communication.

Many prominent figures attended the IULM auditorium stage. Everyone told their opinion about the opportunities and challenges that the technological and social context pose in these years. One of the recurring questions asked was "Is communication facing a moment of crisis?"

We want to tell you, now, our personal interpretation of the strengths and weaknesses encountered during the day.

The argument was undoubtedly ambitious and it was difficult not to support, sometimes too much, one's personal business. The future will certainly be as varied as our present, and we believe that a particular format, platform or content will not necessarily prevail to others.

The future is evolution, and the player have to capture change and get involved by modulating in favor of it. An interesting consideration was that "The interest in complexity is what moves the world". The ambition pushes people, companies and agencies to always go beyond their limits.

In E-Business Consulting we know something about that, because we were born in an historical period when the heart of this market doesn’t exixt yet: the smartphone. Innovation, commitment and foresight are qualities we seek and pursue every day.

"Mobile Communicating is like skating on ice: safe is speed": another quote taken from the Engage Conference 2019 that made us think a lot. We would like to add that now, all digital is speed, not onliy Mobile. People will be more and more intercepted by motivation during all the customer journey, not only in their smartphone but by a system of infrastructures projected and customized to set on the streets and in public places.

Is communication facing a period of crisis? If we mean the word "crisis" for its etymology (from the Latin crisis) then yes. Communication is facing a period of choices, decisions.

It will be the task of the various players, to adapt their business to the opportunities and take choices from different possibility.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting