Editorial plan: useful tricks

  • How to build a compelling storytelling on Social Media: some winning tips and best practices to communicate the brand.

Editorial plan: useful tricks

Being present in the social context, communicating your identity and engaging in dialogue with users is of fundamental importance if you want to create brand awareness and promote audience engagement.

Managing your online presence is a hotly debated topic in the world of digital advertising, especially when it comes to developing strategically oriented content.

There is no magic recipe that ensures success on social media, but there are still best practices that can help individual advertisers emerge and stand out from their competitors.

This is where storytelling comes into play, the art of storytelling used as a persuasive communication strategy. Doing storytelling does not only mean choosing which story to tell, but also and above all which tone of voice to adopt according to the objectives set.

Developing an original storytelling, with which people can identify, is certainly a good way to convey the values, mission and vision of a company.

When elaborating editorial content, therefore, what are the elements to keep in mind to get noticed in a context full of competitors?

  • Aim for emotions: the stories that excite, that transmit sensations, that have pathos, are also those that are remembered more easily; trying to touch the chords of users with immediate and credible messages will give them a plus value that, in the future, they will associate with the brand;
  • Emphasizes the usefulness and uniqueness of the product / service offered: in a context of hyper-offer, emphasizing the goodness and exclusivity of one's brand compared to that of competitors is of vital importance in order not to succumb in an increasingly competitive market; therefore, do not forget to clearly and effectively highlight the strengths of your brand and why consumers should choose you;
  • Break the monotony of the moment: users often scroll through their social content in a distracted manner, so it is necessary to propose stories that capture and hold attention, so as to avoid them getting lost in the home.
  • Constant presence: publishing one-off is not productive, because users reward those pages that update regularly and respond in a timely manner; often offer good content, respond to comments, and moderate discussions.

When managing a social media publishing plan, you need to think in stages:

  • Preparation: material realization of the contents, identifying format and tone of voice;
  • Publication: uploading of contents;
  • Analysis with long-, medium- and short-term objectives: understand if a certain type of post works, what is the sentiment on social media, take action to make improvements. This phase should not be neglected, since it will help us understand if our strategy has brought us new followers, what is our average of likes and comments, engagement and view rate.

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