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Drive to Store by Facebook

  • Why drive to store is still important today? Let's discover the value of this technique and how to apply it to best on Facebook.

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Why stores are still important? 95% of purchases in Italy pass through the store. 85% of users prefer buying in the physical store. The conversion rate in a store is higher than e-commerce (20% VS 2%). The main needs of a physical store are to be known, to be visited by new customers, to retain customers. Therefore, online communication help to remind users that we exist.

But why Facebook? This social network has two very important characteristics: it is very precise as far as the targets for interests and geographical area, it can be used effectively both by small and big companies.

We therefore distinguish between two approaches, the one addressed to local realities and the one that belongs to medium-large companies.

In the first case it’s important to structure the advertising account and the campaigns in order to reach the largest number of potential customers. The choice of the objective becomes fundamental and it’s appropriate to experiment different variables. To break away from the classic objectives of "Brand Notoriety" or "Coverage" You can open up to new worlds such as the lead generation. Why Do only awareness when, at the same price, You can generate an internal database of interested users?

It is therefore essential to use Lead Generation to attract users at the store, as a "reward" for the registry, for example by discounts, coupons or free experiences.

In the second case, the medium-large companies distributed in the territory through branded retail, You can try an ad hoc objective: Store Visits. This mode allows you to decline the promotion campaign on different pages based on the user's geo-location. In this case, the implementation with the lead generation is not expected in the platform, but it can be remedied through a landing page and a form.

E-Business Consulting, a digital marketing agency active since 2003, is the ideal partner for your Drive to Store campaigns. Through the Facebook platform, and other means, we can help you intercept new potential customers and develop Lead Generation activities.