How Improve loyalty

  • How to obtain customer loyalty and trigger loyalty processes, a very important tool for companies

How Improve loyalty

Loyalty can be generally meant as the preference given by each of us to a shop, to a person, to a specific brand, to a specific team, to a pub, bar ... etc. There are therefore different ways to intercept and express our own loyalty according to the objectives, the situation and the common life of each of us.

There is no guarantee, for instance, that loyalty to a specific shop or to a salesman ... coincides with loyalty to a specific brand.

When a consumer has a positive attitude towards a brand, he buys its products more frequently than other brands in the same product category and continues to buy in the long run. In this case, we can talk of loyal consumer.

To build customer loyalty means making faithful, that is make a group of people, a group of citizens habitual purchaser of their products or services.

To achieve this goal, one must become ambassador and defender of some values shared by the community and credible bearer of promises strictly consistent with shared values. In today's digital and social communication world, respecting these paradigms is somewhat complicated and the risk of slipping into the classic "banana peel" is extremely simple.

The way to retain and cultivate customers has drastically changed in the digital and interconnected world. Users have become omnichannel and want to experience the same consistent experience regardless of the touchpoint used.

So what are the drivers to use for the omnichannel consumer? What can make him loyal?

  • Attention: each customer wants to feel unique and wants to receive dedicated attention with any special offers.
  • Customization: customization allows you to create "something tailored" using the customer's favorite contact channels.
  • Involvement: living innovative, sensory and highly involving experiences by inviting users to co-create products and participate in events involves a change in the relationship with customers. Projects such as Raffle, Giveaway or Gamification activities are initiatives that offer highly personalized and timely experiences capable of increasing the popularity of the brand.
  • Blogger and Influencer: Collaborations with famous people increase loyalty by increasing the perceived value of a brand.
  • Connection: possibility to exchange assessments and experiences among members of your community.
  • Communication: become bearer of messages and important actions for your community

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