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  • Customer knowledge is a crucial challange to win global competition in the market and to improve commercial performance

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According to recent statistics are approximately 2.5 million per second the emails that were sent in 2016, about 53.2% the internet connections and 38.2% the mobile penetration in the world. More than 50 billion messages every day in the world are sent via WhatsApp.

Are impressive numbers justifying the need and urgency for traditional businesses, to proceed quickly to an enrichment and scanning of your CRM database by standardizing the typical background information and adding if not present even core areas for immediate contact and always on as the mobile number and email addresses.

While the digital native DNA companies request this information, we can’t say the same thing for traditional structured companies with direct or indirect sales channels.

For traditional companies many CRM database creation tasks have evolved over the years, through in-store promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, product testing, fidelity cards, warranties, etc., with a build biodata, often on paper, by users with different information depending on the initiative developed, with a partial request added to core areas for direct contact such as your mobile phone number and/or email address.

We recently had a meeting with a company in the retail sector with a considerable number of fidelity card developed over years of activity. Less than 10% of those accounts were accompanied by email address and mobile number but there was a complete knowledge of the buying habits of the owners.

But the same reasoning could be extended to the banking sector or the automotive industry. In these two areas for example are generally in full knowledge of the level of solvency or otherwise of a customer or know the car plate number owned, but very few accounts have the cell phone number and email address for immediate contact.

Why is it important to have personal data complete, standardized and updated?

The answer lies in the numbers by this article. The revolution technology enables optimization of the time and cost of contact with end customers, improving all the marketing and commercial actions.

Enrichment processes in a CRM database are not easy and immediate. First you must consider all constraints today Decree 196/03 and from next year to the new general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Buy for example on the market an external database and through mating operations or data matching, enrich their CRM data, is subject to major constraints of the privacy guarantor on the one hand in terms of consent to the transfer of data and the other in terms of disclosure requirements in any case users.

There are also many alternative routes, in compliance with the obligations imposed by the privacy, taking advantage of everyone you are the classic corporate assets in the digital environment, different from sector to sector.

Do we have you intrigued?

Call now E-Business Consulting, digital marketing agency active since 2003 and discover with us the best ways to optimize and enrich your CRM database, in compliance with the provisions of the data protection Commissioner, in order to make the most of all digital touchpoints.

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05/03/2021 E-Business Consulting